how to reverse audio on instagram

How to Reverse Audio on Instagram? [Step By Step Guide]

Instagram’s boomerang clips obsession lasted less time than TikTok’s. It never gained as much traction among consumers as Snap’s reverse function. Snapchat features a reverse option. You may use it to capture footage, invert the sound and video, and then upload it on Social media such as Facebook. Instagram once had to offer a reverse sound option; however, it was discontinued. Nevertheless, there are a lot of alternatives. So, how to reverse audio on instagram? Let us find out.

What Exactly is Instagram?

Instagram is a social media tool that allows people to post images and visual content with their connections at the most basic level. Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, two Stanford Degree holders who created the business, currently have over 200 million users. The website’s appeal stems from its image features, even though its fundamental basis is the posting of photographs.

Once a person snaps a photo, one of the several Camera tricks, which are available, may alter the photograph in a way that makes it look like an old-fashioned Kodak poster. Customers of the software may build custom accounts and integrate them into pre-existing social media accounts on sites like Facebook and Twitter, allowing them to upload photos between sites.

Can Audio be Reversed on Instagram?

For a brief period, Instagram added a reverse option for clips that are shot using the application, but they eventually deleted it. Reversing a clip is not a peaceful area in clips, either. This is bad because Snapchat has been using it for decades, and we would have loved to see one as well.

Instagram doesn’t have a sound reverse function. You may save clips using third-party programs, alter the clip, so the music plays reverse, save, and then post the mashup to your Ig account. This may be done using free music editing options like Ezgif, InShot, Audacity, or, indeed, any web Audio reverser.

What are the Mechanisms Behind the Sound Reversal?

Backmasking is the phrase used to describe the process of reversing sounds.

Screenwriters for thrillers have long utilized it as a creative tool, as have well-known bands like The Beatles, who made backmasking widespread in 1966.

John Lennon recorded sound in inverse all across the entirety of the soundtrack “Revolver” after listening to the song “Rain” reverse and deciding he appreciated it.

It was done earlier than using cassette players and tape recorders. Nowadays, everybody can backmasking without knowledge by utilizing simple point-and-click sound editing options.

The procedure outlined here explains how to generate your custom backmasked soundtracks to post and distribute on Instagram.

How to Reverse a Clip on Instagram?

Therefore, as Instagram lacks a built-in feature to invert a clip or audio, we will have to use our tried-and-true Snapchat and other apps alternatively. Snapchat, fortunately, allows you to download a video recording. This entails that you may submit the reverse-recorded Snapchat video to the Insta feed! To accomplish the same result, you may alternatively use different third-party programs. You may utilize InShot and Invert, which we’ve detailed shortly, to alter your videos on Social media such as insta. To begin going, choose one of the pertinent instructions listed below.

Reversing a clip with Snapchat.

This is how to invert a video on Snapchat and upload it to Insta.

Make a Snapchat Clip

Open the Snapchat application on your smartphone. SnapChat’s cam may be used to capture your footage.

Slide to apply effects to your clip when you’re finished after the hue lenses come to the movement effects. To access the inverse filter, swipe left seven times.

You may record videos by selecting the save option in the lower left corner after applying the Reversal effect.

Upload the Clip

It’s the moment to upload your clip to Insta stories right away. Open Instagram, and then slide right to get the camera angle. You might also click the Stories button in the upper left corner. Choose the “reels” option from the bottom panel at this point.

You may share a video from your collection using the icon in the lower left corner. To submit the clip, choose it.

You may quickly upload your inverted film to your account when you have it. Similar to publishing a picture or a clip, this is also. Click the arrow in the bottom right corner to open the uploading tab.

Reversal Audio Using a Third-party Software

You may use a third-party video authoring tool if you don’t really have Snap or simply don’t want to utilize its terrible microphone. In this manner, you can record a clip using your native photo app and subsequently flip it. Choose one of the applications from the list below based on your interests.

Utilizing EZ Gif to Reverse a Footage

Enter into your search engine. On the portal, you may submit movies and create animated gifs from them. You may also add files that have been reversed using a function on it. Open any internet browser on any desktop or mobile device and go to

  • Select or touch Film to GIF to begin. It is the second button down from the site’s homepage.
  • To adjust, either click or tap. It may be found on the blog’s main sidebar, the fourth item from the major pages.
  • Simply click Select File. You are then given the option to choose a clip from your phone in a text dialogue box that appears.
  • Choose the Video clip you obtained. If you’re on a smartphone, open the Documents or My Pictures application, then find the recorded clip there. Next, click it. If you’re on a Computer, find the saved clip and tap on it to choose it. Next, select Open.
  • To upload a video, simply select. Underneath the homepage, there is a blue icon. The movie is then uploaded to the site.
  • Tick the “Reverse sound” option by clicking or tapping on it. It may be found in the “Audio choices” section underneath the clip as the initial choice.
  • Select Reverse video. The blue icon is located underneath the Audio Choices panel at the bottom of the screen. This turns the clip into an inverted version.
  • Save it and share.

You can reverse the audio in this same process with various third-party apps like inshot, Movie Fx app, PowerDirector and many more.


You may invert any sound on any clip using such tools, as they are not just for Instagram. Simply copy the tool, launch it, and select the movie you would like to add reversed sound to before following a few easy steps. You can get a lot of views and like by doing these things.

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