how to connect wiz lights to alexa

How to Connect WiZ Lights to Alexa? [Step By Step]

Alexa is a comfortable and very versatile version of virtual assistance that has made the next level in our busy schedules. How to connect WiZ lights to Alexa? If you are going to upgrade your house to a smart lighting system, you may probably have this as a first-come problem. Let’s clarify the issue via this article. 

WiZ, a leading smart lighting industry brand, was founded in 2017 and adjoined to Signify, a giant in the field, in 2019. This connected light system is powered by the home Wi-Fi connection and can be controlled using the remote controller, your smartphone, tablet, or in the old classical way, via a switch. These lightings have the ability to adopt the brightness according to a routine and automatically work when someone enters a connected area. Hence, this can be named as a way of energy consumption and cutting off bills. 

How to Connect WiZ Lights to Alexa?

Alexa, which was released in 2014, is now operating under Amazon and supports countless devices manufactured by itself. Amazon also works together with many outside brands to give the vibe of a futuristic home experience, making a well-established sound control system in your modern homes. For instance, if you want to track your sleeping habits and breathing patterns when you are asleep, there is a recent introduction named Halo Rise. The device also wakes you up after enough sleep. First, you need to create an Amazon account to do your work with Alexa. 

How to connect WiZ lights to Alexa? Consequently, you may have this question while moving with the newest technology of Amazon. The way is too easy and can be done on your own without the assistance of a sales representative. There are two methods of creating the connection between these two. You can connect the apps, or else the joining could be done manually. Please have a look at the guide we have mentioned below. 

How to Connect WiZ App in iOS to Alexa?

  • First of all, check whether you have created an account on Amazon. You must also have made access to Alexa via it. 
  • Secondly, open the WiZ app and go to the settings.
  • You will see a list, and you have to select Integrations there. 
  • Then you are provided with a list of apps. You need to go with the Amazon app. 
  • Then you will see an interface with a symbol like Amazon Echo Studio. It will be asked to tap on the Link my account button. 
  • If you have signed in accurately, you are now paired with Alexa. 
  • After it is done, you can check whether it is paired via the Alexa app. 
  • Open Alexa, and on the home screen, you will see the option Smart Home. Now we are going to look into it. Tap on the button and then on the Discover Devices command. 
  • After all, you will see the connected WiZ light list there. 

Note: You can follow the same steps if you are trying to connect with an android device. But here, too, you should make sure that you have logged in with the Amazon account. 

How to Integrate WiZ Lights to Alexa Manually?

  • If you have an Apple device, start with the WiZ app downloading. 
  • Go to the settings and click on Integrations of the WiZ app.  
  • Choose the Amazon App.
  • From the window you get thereafter, you need to choose the Setup the integration manually option. 
  • Now you have to switch on the on/off button you see for the WiZ smart home label.
  • Then you must get a code that creates the bridge between your WiZ app and Alexa. 
  • You should copy the code here.
  • Now we will start the next stage of the process on the Alexa app.  
  • Open the Alexa app and enter its menu from the home page icon.
  • Secondly, you have to choose skills and games from the menu popping up. 
  • You will then see an interface with a search bar. You can type WiZ and give the search command.
  • Now from the list, you are given, continue with the WiZ skill.
  • After that, click on Enable to use button. 
  • Thereafter, you will be asked to enter the code you got from the WiZ app. Paste it in the relevant space given. 

Here, you should be aware that these codes are valid for quite a few minutes, and therefore you will have to continue on the Alexa app ASAP after copying the WiZ code. If you were not able to complete the task before expiring the code, then you will have to get a new code.    

How to Integrate WiZ Lights to Alexa Manually?

How to Get a New Code on WiZ App?

Go to the WiZ app. Secondly, disable the integration. When enabling again, you will get a new code. Copy it and come again to where you stopped in the Alexa app.

  • After pasting the code, you will be asked to confirm and next to validate it. 
  • These steps are similar whether you are doing it on an Android as well. 
  • If you have completed all the steps, you will see the WiZ lightings appear on the list of Devices that you will get under the Smart Home in the Alexa app. 

Note: If you are using the web version by going to the site and are using Chrome, you will realize that it does not allow pop-ups. You will have to change the default settings if you are using such a browser.  

How Do I Link My Amazon Account to Alexa?

  • First, you have to download the app.
  • Then you will see the more icon on your right. Click on it.
  • After, you will need to collaborate with the command Add a device.
  • Then you will be given the list of the applications that you can connect. Here, you can choose the relevant ones. 
  • You can select many devices in this stage and tap the instructions given by the app. Then you will be connected to your Alexa controls.


If you are fresher to the smart home lighting of WiZ that combines with Amazon’s Alexa, this article will guide you to solve your issues with the connection. 


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