Is It Bad to Delete TikTok Videos?

Is It Bad to Delete TikTok Videos? Complete Guide

Being on TikTok can be both interesting and competitive. The app has countless trends, controversies, and dos and don’ts. One of the prevailing controversies on it is “is it bad to delete TikTok videos?” 

This question has been banging the heads of tiktokers for quite some time now. While some argue it is OK to do so, others insist it can be threatening to the account. It has always been a matter of reservation and confusion. 

If you are here with skepticism, we’ve got your back. In this article, we shall clarify the reservation and answer your queries about deleting videos from your TikTok account. 

Is it Bad to Delete TikTok Videos? 

In cases when your video receives less recognition or less to no interaction in the platform, you may want to delete it from your account. But it might turn out to do no good for you. 

From a general perspective, it is not a good idea to delete TikTok videos after posting, as it can affect your performance on the app in many ways. However, there might be some circumstances where it is mandatory to delete specific videos. With them being an exception, let us see why it is bad to delete TikTok videos from your mobile. 

  • Poor Algorithmic State 

Whenever a tiktoker post a video, TikTok gathers enormous amounts of data and statistics from the video and the related+ account. The For You Page of TikTok functions by carefully analyzing every video posted by different accounts and individualizing them per user preference. Tiktok will decide the type of content each user prefers to watch and show them content aligning with their interests and bias based on the data collected by TikTok from every video. 

Deleting a posted video can cause the collected data to be lost. The adverse part is that along with the data of the video; it also causes the data of the whole account to get lost. If the data collection of your account is lost, TikTok will no longer expose your content to its users. Being recognized can become very challenging at this point as millions of similar videos on the same niches are circulating around the app. 

Your exposure can become highly restricted since there are no data on your content in the TikTok database. So deleting a video can directly harm your purpose and performance on the app. 

  • Loss of Second Chance

Tiktok gives second chances to the videos that users post on the platform. What does that mean?

A video posted by a user may not receive much recognition sometimes. It may end up only getting a few likes and less interaction. But when TikTok decides to try exposing the video to a different audience, there are chances the video might blow up. Although going viral upon the second wave of exposure isn’t promised, there is a possibility. It has happened to many videos that did not perform well initially. 

You will lose this opportunity by deleting the video. TikTok can no longer choose your video to show another set of people as it is no longer present on the app. 

  • Lower Like Count

When you remove specific videos from your account, it can cause the like count of the videos to drop. Even though it does not drop drastically, it does drop. When new users find your account/ videos, the number of likes on your videos will cast an impression on them as it serves as flex and helps ensure the quality of your content. When the like count lowers upon deleting videos from the feed, it can directly affect the follower-traffic count to your profile. 

  • Can Affect Your Performance Analysis 

If you are a tiktoker, you need to keep track of the content you post to enhance performance and match viewer needs. When deleting specific videos from your feed, the tracking becomes frail. You may miss out on particular metrics you may not have missed if you have not deleted the videos. Missing such points can make the analysis inefficient and affect the future performance of the account. 

Thus, it is evident that deleting videos from TikTok is not a good idea as it harbors many disadvantages to the present and future of the account. Do not attempt to delete your videos just because of their underperformance. Doing so may even put your whole account under ill performance. It is best to give your videos time and space to get recognized to prevent bad outcomes from occurring. If the content is of quality, it will get recognition sooner or later. 

When Should You Delete a TikTok Video? 

There is one exceptional circumstance where it is better to delete your video on TikTok. The issue can be alarming, and deleting the video under such instances will not harm your account’s performance.

When you accidentally or intentionally violate any of TikTok’s rules or terms of use and decide to keep the video in your feed, it can lead to disadvantageous outcomes. 

When you post content that doesn’t align with the community guidelines, it can significantly affect the performance of your account. Tiktok can even shadow-ban your account. In this case, you will receive no responses to your future content. 

 It is better to take off such videos that are found to violate TikTok’s guidelines to avoid the consequences. 

How to Delete a TikTok Video? 

Now as we know the results we will obtain by deleting TikTok videos, let us see how to delete one in case of need. 

It is a no-brainer! Log in to your TikTok app and go to your profile. Proceed to select the video you want to delete. Tap the video; you will find three dots at the bottom right corner below the comment icon. By clicking it, it will present you with a line of options. Slide right and tap the delete icon. It will delete your video from your account. However, TikTok does not allow you to delete multiple videos at once. You will have to delete each video which can be pretty annoying individually. 


Deleting videos from TikTok puts the account’s performance at stake. Nonetheless, in case of violating any guidelines, deleting your video can minimize the harm, and it is the only instance when you can delete a video without hesitation. 

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