How to unsnooze someone on facebook

How To Unsnooze Someone On Facebook Using Different Methods

Have you ever gone on savings for holidays and stopped seeing posts from fashion brands? We all admit that we have done the same for some people that we do not want to see often in our newsfeed for a period of 30 days. How to unsnooze someone on Facebook? This must be a question that pops up in your mind when you try to take the option as you do not want to stop seeing them forever but just need a break.

What Is Snooze On Facebook?

come on! We all, at a point, need to expel someone from our feed without letting them know that we got a rest from their nontolerant postings! Or else you may want to take a rest from that particular person due to your personal reasons. In such instances, Facebook snooze is a lifesaver!

You can hide all the updates or posts by the relevant person for 30 days without doing any harm to your relationship or connection. The person will not be notified if you snooze them. But your updates will be visible to the person you snoozed unless you change the audience settings of your posts.

How to Unsnooze Someone On Facebook?

If you didn’t search how to unsnooze someone on Facebook at the beginning, that means when you temporarily unfollow them, it will create a big issue with your own lifestyle if the person is physically engaging with your activities or meet-ups in daily life. The reason for taking a rest conveys the message that you need not unfriend them and become enemies or strangers.

Therefore, unsnoozing, if you have taken enough breaks from that particular individual, must be done on time. Or else you might have clicked the option out of the blue. Don’t worry; at the end of this article, you will find your way of unsnoozing.

There are two ways we can follow to unsnooze a person. We here describe the steps both via mobile phones and your desktop computer.

Using “settings” On a Desktop Computer To Unsnooze Someone on FB

  • Go to the settings and privacy. This can be founded in the more icon shown as a downward arrowhead.
  • When you are in settings and privacy, select News Feed Preferences. 
  • Then you will find five options, Manage Favourites, Unfollow, Reconnect, Snooze, and Reaction preferences in a line. 
  • Choose Snooze out from those.
  • This is the place where you can manage the snoozed individuals, pages, and groups. You can unsnooze and even lengthen the period of snooze for your desired pages or people.
  • Simply when you click on the clock icon, the selected person will be unsnoozed.

Unsnoozing Someone On Facebook Using Mobile

  • Open the Facebook app. Then click on the Hamburger Menu (Three lines icon that denotes the main menu) at the top right end of the interface.
  • From the popping-up menu, choose settings and privacy.
  • Next select settings.
  • Then you will be directed to an interface with six components starting from Account.
  • You must select the news feed in preferences which is placed second when going through.
  • Here is the place where you can add or remove Favourites, Snooze, Unfollow, and reconnect.
  • Proceed with the snooze bar.
  • Then all of the snoozed content will appear on the screen. You can easily find the individuals as Facebook has categorized those as people and pages. There is also an option named snooze again if you need more breaks from them.
  • Tap on End Snooze, which could be seen in front of the desired person, and now you are all done!

Unsnoozing Someone On Facebook from FB page

If you are trying to unsnooze a person with a page, then you can perform the same action that was done through the settings via the original page itself.

  • When you visit the page, you will see three dots (the ellipsis) on the head right corner. 
  • When you tap the ellipsis, an option list will be displayed.
  • As the page is already snoozed, it will display as snoozed.
  • Then when you tap there, you will be provided with the option End Snooze.
  • When it is done, you will start seeing posts from the relevant person again in your newsfeed.


How can I see who I snoozed on Facebook?

When you click on the downward arrowhead if you are doing this from a desktop or horizontal three lines when you are logged in from a mobile, in the settings, you will see news feed preferences. 

When you select news feed preferences, the directed interface will contain a sector named Manage your snooze settings. After clicking that, you will see all of the people and pages you have made snoozed earlier.

Does a person get notified when I snooze him?

It’s all good! This will never happen. The only thing that happens in a snooze is preventing a certain person’s posts appear in your feed.

How long does a Facebook snooze last?

When you choose someone from the snoozed group, you will not see any updates from him/her/ group/page until 30 days. But if this is a mistake or you have changed your thoughts, whenever you want, you can end the snooze. 

Follow the guidelines we have given here in the above passages to enter the list of snoozed people and then unsnooze them as per your preference.

How to snooze a person on Facebook?

You can simply get a post on your wall and tap the three dots which will then show you the option of snoozing for 30 days.


Snoozing is an option that makes our social life more manageable. It is not an offense, and according to the facts we discussed in this article, we now know that taking this action presents a visible change only to the doer. That specific person will not be announced a snooze at any chance.

There are a few different methods of unsnoozing depending on the device that you are trying to perform the action. We have discussed all those ways in detail in this article. It is as simple as snoozing!

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