why is my ecobee flashing green

Why is My Ecobee Flashing Green? Decoding the Mystery!

Ecobee: the Canadian home automation company has been one of the wildest corporations on the modern twist on modern home appliances. Thus the innovation of Ecobee, including their smart thermostats, is powered with many remarkable technologies. Therefore there have been many great reviews on Ecobee devices. However, in some rare chances, the outlandish user has questioned: why is my Ecobee flashing green? Thus through this article, we will be clearing out all the doubted battlegrounds by addressing the meaning behind the flashing green light on the Ecobee thermostats. Therefore we will commence the discussion by answering whether the green light is supposed to be on Ecobee.

Should Ecobee Green Light Be On?

Should there be a green light on the Ecobee thermostat? This light might become a more significant concern in the newborn user’s mind as they might not have any idea about the green light that appears occasionally.

Therefore it is vital to know whether it is designed to be on the Ecobee thermostat. The green light is not a warning sign, and it is supposed to appear on the Ecobee unless you have turned off the notifications of Alexa.

The Ecobee smart thermostats, accompanied by the Alexa built-in services, can most easily experience the green light. In contrast, other Ecobee devices do have other colored lights portraying different purposes as well.

Why is the Green Light Flashing On My Ecobee Thermostat?

We have discovered that the Ecobee thermostat is supposed to flash a green light on some possible occasions; thus, in this segment, we will discuss the reasons behind such a green light flashing on my Ecobee. Thus when we discuss the “why” behind the green light, the notifications of Alexa become the cause of the green light. The ecobee4 and the Ecobee intelligent thermostat premium can act as Alexa as well, which makes the Ecobee prone to receive Alexa notifications which can include,

  • Breaking news
  • Calendar events
  • Weather changes
  • Amazon Deliveries

Moreover, there can be many notifications that you have enabled through your Alexa smart app, which will also be notified to you by the green light. Thus unless you read or hear these notifications, the green light will not disappear.

Therefore one might find the flashing of the green light quite annoying to the eye. Therefore, there are potential solutions to make the green light disappear.

What Happens When your Ecobee Thermostat is Blinking Green?

As we have mentioned above, the ecobee4 and the Ecobee intelligent thermostat premium have Alexa as a built-in service, making the Ecobee a hub for all the other Alexa-compatible apps to be controlled.

Therefore, the Ecobee thermostat also becomes a universal control panel for many other devices. Thus the devices that you have connected to the Alexa app will also function under the surveillance of the Ecobee thermostat. That being said, the green light also has a significant impact on all these devices that are connected to Alexa.

The green light is the portrayal of Alexa notifications. Thus, as mentioned above, the Alexa notification can vary in a vast range.

These notifications can also include the message of other devices connected to Alexa, an underlying software of the Ecobee thermostat. However, the green light will flash relentlessly unless you turn off the settings on Alexa notifications.

How to Fix Ecobee Flashing Green?

We understand there won’t be a quick fix to the green light flashing on your Ecobee that would annoy your eye and mind. Therefore you might wonder what to do to this green light that has been bothering you all day. There are two leading solutions that you could take on to fix the Ecobee flashing green light, which are,

  • Removing the Ecobee thermostat from your Alexa account.
  • Turning off some of the notification settings of Alexa or all of the notifications.

Thus the wisest decision to make when this conflict arises is to follow the second method. Therefore, this segment will discuss how we can fix the Ecobee flashing green light.

  • The first and easiest method of fixing the situation is to ask out Alexa, “What are my notifications?” and listen to the narration of your notification. Thus the simplest solution is not even a solution at all. Ensure that you follow the reports and check the messages out, which will turn off the green light ultimately.
  • Then you can move on to changing the settings on notifications on the Alexa app. Here is how you do it.
  • Open the Alexa app.
  • Navigate to the More tab.
  • There will be a drop-down list; select “settings” from the list.
  • Choose the “notifications” option from the appearing list.
  • Turn off the necessary notification that will bother your peace at home.

Thus, upon completing these steps, you have successfully let go of the notification settings that have been bothering you with the green light.

  • However, if you are still looking for more of a permanent solution, consider removing the Alexa from your Ecobee, which will make the appearance of the green light a mere impossibility as well. Thus, consider disabling the Alexa if you want to let go of the notification light on the Ecobee thermostat forever until you add the Alexa back into the Ecobee.

What Do Other Ecobee Lights Mean?

Other than the appearance of the green light, the users must have noticed many colored flashing lights coming from your Ecobee. Thus it will be vital and valuable If you could acknowledge what each of these flashing colors means. Therefore in this last segment, we will discuss which colors of the rainbow will be present in the Ecobee flashes. You will notice the following colors on the Ecobee from time to time.

  • Yellow Light Flashing – the yellow light also portrays the indication of notifications. However, while the green lights indicate the messages of the Alexa app, the yellow light will be flashing to display the notification from the Ecobee app, not the Alexa notifications.
  • Red Light Flashing – the red light indicates that the Ecobee microphone is turned off, which will cease the narration of voice commands as well, which could be a con of the turn-off mode of the microphone.
  • Blue Light Flashing – the blue light portrays the active presence of Alexa on the Ecobee device.

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