What Happens If You Don't Pick Up Your Walmart Order?

What Happens If You Don’t Pick Up Your Walmart Order? – Guide

Walmart purchases have made life more accessible, and it is unarguable. However, at specific counters, people tend to be shot by confusion and doubts in the purchasing and transacting processes since the processes are neither child’s play nor simple matters. “What happens if you don’t pick up your Walmart order?” “Is there a way to reschedule your order?” “Can I cancel my order?” 

Walmart might be one of the services available to you anytime at your fingertips. It is also one that has significantly made a lot of things in your busy life more manageable. But it is until a pile of questions that may put you through reservations when dealing with Walmart purchasing.

Well, we’ve got your back. Let us look at everything you need to know about purchasing from Walmart. It will cover all the sections, from picking up to cancelling your orders. Let us dive in. 

How Does Walmart Pickup Work? 

There are two options to pick up your Walmart order. Curbside pickup and in-store pickup. Suppose you place a curbside pickup. After ordering and arriving at the store at the designated time, a Walmart employee will load your goods into your vehicle.

You will have to sit in and provide your signature to confirm the pickup. If you choose in-store pickup, after arriving at the destination, you will have to walk into the store, collect your package, and leave your confirmation signature. 

How Long Will Walmart Keep Your Order? 

Once you complete purchasing via the Walmart app or the website, an employee from your designated branch will collect all the requested items and pack up your bag. And they will keep the package in store for precisely seven days. During these seven days, your order will be secured by Walmart. 

What Happens If You Don’t Pick Up Your Walmart Order?

Suppose you don’t pick up your order within seven days from your designated branch. In that case, Walmart will notify you of the failure to pick up the goods and request you pick up the order as soon as possible or reschedule the order. In most cases, they notify via e-mail. Checking out your spam box now then would not end up useless.

Suppose you fail to pick up your goods even days after the notification. In that case, your order will automatically be regarded as abandoned and will be sent back to the fulfilment centre.

Can You Get a Refund for Your Order? 

Yes, you can. You can get a refund for your order if you do not show up to pick it up or do not want the things anymore. But a small portion of the payment will have to be paid as the fee for storing the goods.

This fee will depend on the type of goods you ordered. Once they deduct that payment from your paid amount, you will receive a refund within 2 to 3 business days in any case. It may take up to 5 business days at the maximum since the banking procedures can consume a while.

Can You Get a Refund for Your Order? 

What to Do if You Miss the Time to Pick Up the Goods? 

That will not cause any potential chaos if the time you miss out isn’t very lengthy. You can call the branch, discuss the issue with the employees, and arrive at a solution that aligns with both parties.

However, if you have missed out on orders for days, it may not be possible to do anything about it since Walmart might have already cancelled that order. But if you are ahead of not much time after the pickup deadline, you may still be able to retrieve the goods after showing up at the particular branch.

How to Reschedule an Order? 

During the seven days, Walmart keeps your order in the store; you can reschedule it anytime. Is it complicated? No, it is not. It is, instead, a no-brainer. Let us break down the step of how we do it,

  • Log in to your account via the Walmart app or website.
  • Tap the option “account.”
  • Scroll down, and you will find a tab called “purchase history.”
  • Tap on the purchase history option
  • Find the order you would like to make changes to.
  • Select “edit items.”
  • Reschedule with a different pickup time that you are convenient with
  • Do not rashly exit without saving the changes. Or it will not be rescheduled. So, save the changes by selecting the “save changes” option at the bottom.

And done, you have rescheduled your pickup time for your goods.

Can I Cancel My Order? 

Yes, you can cancel your Walmart order after your order and complete payment. But only if cancellation is applied to the particular good you ordered. Some items do not come with an order cancellation policy. So if your order comes with a cancellation policy, yes, you can actively cancel it any time before it hits the deadline.

Cancelling your order is an easy process as well. Here is how you do that,

  • Log in to your Walmart account through the app or the website
  • Go to your account
  • Tap on the “purchase history” in the menu
  • Select the order you want to delete
  • And hit “request cancellation” at the bottom of the page

Now that you have successfully deleted your order, Walmart will refund your payment within 2 to 5 business days. A small fee will be deducted after cancellation as the fee for storing the goods. For goods with no cancellation policy, you will be unable to cancel them even if you want to. So be careful with what you order.

Can you Update Your Order to be Delivered Instead? 

Unfortunately, unlike the pickup time, where you can make changes when needed, the delivery method cannot be undone once done. Thus if you have ordered your goods to be picked up, you will have to pick them up, as you cannot request them to be delivered later.


Your Walmart order is safe to pick up readily if you do it within seven days. If you fail to do so, you can still pick the goods up within the next seven days. Failing both options will result in your order being considered abandoned and cancelled.

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