can you use an American express gift card on amazon

Can You Use An American Express Gift Card On Amazon?

Due to benefits like free delivery with Amazon Prime, frequent price adjustments, and a large assortment of items, buying stuff on Amazon is more convenient than other online retailers. Gift cards are one of the most useful gifts that get offered. They make it incredibly easy to buy anything, anywhere. An American Express gift card operates in the same way. You may be thinking, can you use an American express gift card on Amazon? If so, how would you utilize them? Continue reading to learn more.

Can You Use An American Express Gift Card On Amazon – Explained

Can you use an American express gift card on amazon? The answer is a resounding yes. It’s the same as using a credit card to make purchases on Amazon using an American Express gift card. Just add it as a payment option in “Your Account.” Make sure the payment type you intend to use at checkout is your AMEX gift card.

How To Use An American Express Gift Card On Amazon?

Let’s figure it out. 

Register your Gift Card

Using prepaid gift cards for Amazon purchases is conceivable. Still, a few requirements must get met before it works for you. Other than Amazon gift cards, you are only permitted to spend gift cards on the Amazon So how can you spend your prepaid gift card funds effectively on Amazon? So, this is what you need to do.

The first thing you should do is register the Amex Gift Card with the listed firm if the card does not have a name attached to it. The name and postcode will get linked to the gift card upon registration.

The back of the card often has a URL or contact information you may use to register the card yourself. Additionally, you should check the current balance on your card.

  • Method 1

Your gift card can be reloaded immediately into your Amazon account balance as the initial way to access your money. It is how you can use an American express gift card on amazon

  • Access your Amazon account.
  • Reload Your Balance page by clicking here.
  • Enter how much of the prepaid gift card you would want to spend. You can do so if you wish to pay the entire sum on Amazon.
  • Once more, log into your account. For security reasons, you must complete this even if you first logged in.
  • “Add a debit or credit card” should be chosen.
  • Enter the data from your gift card in the slots.
  • Click Next
  • The payment option you wish to utilize is the new gift card; pick it up.
  • Click “Done.”
  • You’ll get taken back to the page where you may reload your balance. Verify all of your information, including the gift card recharge amount.
  • Select “Reload”

Before you may reload your prepaid gift card to the Amazon gift card balance, there is no maximum or minimum balance requirement. In contrast to using each gift card separately, you may combine numerous gift cards and transfer the money to your Amazon account. When the prepaid gift card is about to expire, this hack will also be helpful. By reloading your Amazon balance, you may prevent money loss.

  • Method 2

This solution is identical to the first approach, with very few exceptions.

Here are the procedures to take to add your gift card as a payment option on Amazon:

  • First, visit
  • Then, choose Your Account from the Account & Lists menu.
  • Click Payment Options
  • The display box allows you to add the gift card as a new pricing choice.
  • If no box displays, this option may get found underneath it in Ordering and Shopping Preferences.
  • Finally, your gift card may now get used to making purchases.

Why Is Your American Express Gift Card Declined on Amazon?

It’s conceivable that there aren’t enough credits on the card to pay the purchase if the merchant takes AMEX and your card gets denied.

Contact the name on the back of the card to find out if this is the case. If you have sufficient funds, American Express may be able to assist you by mailing a replacement gift card if the card gets destroyed.

Which Payment Methods Does Amazon Not Accept?

Amazon does not accept gift cards from outside sources that are not prepaid credit cards at the moment. Also, Amazon does not accept Google Pay, PayPal, Venmo, or other comparable e-payment methods.

Finally, actual cheques or money orders cannot get accepted by Customers may find out whether a particular payment option they use on Amazon is taken by looking under Help and Customer Support > Accepted Payment Options.

Tips When You Use American Express Card For Purchases

Nobody likes to have issues at the checkout while making a purchase, whether online or in person. These suggestions can make it easier for things to run correctly every time you swipe or input your American Express card.

  • In advance, check the balance on the American Express prepaid card. To balance your account, go to and enter your card number and PIN. Contact Amex Customer Service by dialling 1-888-846-4308.
  • Although you can’t go over your credit limit or overdraw your gift card, you must have sufficient money on hand to pay for the transaction you’re making. Your purchase will get declined if the balance on your gift card is inadequate to cover its cost of it. While some retailers could let you pay the total purchase amount using several payment methods. But not all POS transaction machines are set up to handle different payment methods. And things might become perplexing.
  • Remember any pending transactions while checking your balance, like debit or credit cards.

Final Thought

Currently, both and Amazon Pay accept American Express credit cards. American Express prepaid gift cards are available for use if you’d like. To use an Amex card, the consumer must first register it in their name.

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