Are there any precautions to take when using Whoop in water

Is Whoop Waterproof? Understanding the Water Resistance!

Since Whoop is an electronic device, there is a frequent question of whether Whoop is waterproof and can be used by athletes in water sports. So, is Whoop waterproof? Whoop is not entirely waterproof. However, there is a tolerance that you can play around. We will let you know it, keep reading.

Waterproof is a word different from the word water-resistant. Whoop is a water-resistant electronic device. Hence this article speaks on essential features of Whoop, whether the Whoop battery pack and sensors in Whoop are waterproof, whether it can be used while showering, and precautions that should be observed when using in water, measures if it gets in the water and about the warranty covering the water damage.

What are some important features of Whoop?

The important features of Whoop are tracking vital signs of the human body, such as Heart rate, Heart rate variability (HRV), Respiratory rate, Blood oxygen level, Temperature and calories expended.

It is also used to score strain, recovery and sleep of cardiovascular exercise. Whoop is a non-invasive sensor-oriented monitoring device. These sensors are designed with advanced technological features.

An optical heart rate sensor with a green LED and four photodiodes in Whoop 4.0 facilitates the measurement of Heart rate and Heart rate variability. The green light from the LED flows through the blood vessels, reflects, and photodiodes collect them to assess heart rate. The technology behind Whoop’s Heart Rate sensor is photoplethysmography (PPG).

The pulse oximetry feature in Whoop is responsible for detecting Respiratory rate and Blood oxygen level. The skin temperature- sensor measures Temperature, and a 3D accelerometer and gyroscope are used to track the movements during exercises. It helps to assess calories expended during exercises.

With advanced pulse oximetry and skin conductance sensor features in whoop, sleep is assessed.

Providing weekly and monthly performance assessment reports and advice for improved performance in actions are also specific features of Whoop. The other best feature of Whoop is the ability to set an alarm that vibrates and wakes up even the alarm goes off.

The IP68 dustproof and water-resistant properties of the battery pack and sensors in Whoop 4.0 prevent water damage and facilitate wear continuously while showering.

Is Whoop waterproof?

Whoop is not waterproof, either version 3.0 or 4.0. Waterproof is meant for preventing water penetration into the whoop by covering or protecting it with a material, and water resistance is meant for resisting water penetration to some extent, but not entirely. Whoop is water resistant up to the depth of one meter for two hours.

As it has water-resistant properties, it can be used for water-related activities such as showering, swimming in a pool, walking or running in the rain and washing hands and dishes. Athletes in water sports such as swimming, snorkeling and light water aerobics can also use Whoop.

Is Whoop battery pack waterproof?

The battery back of Whoop is not waterproof in either version 3.0 or 4.0. Whoop 4.0 is water resistant up to one-meter depth for two hours and is IP68 dustproof too. It can be exposed to water not entirely but to some extent. Hence it favours the usage in water-related activities.

Whoop 3.0 is neither waterproof nor water resistant. Hence it cannot be exposed to water to any extent.

Is Whoop sensor waterproof?

The Whoop sensor is not waterproof in either version 3.0 or 4.0. Whoop 4.0 is water resistant up to 10-meter depth for up to 2 hours and IP68 dustproof too. The depth is great when considering the extent of water resistance in both whoops and battery packs.

It can be worn while swimming in chlorinated or salt water, hand washing or washing clothes, showering and bathing. Even if it is water resistant up to 10 meters, using it in deep water, such as while diving, should be avoided., because it does not resist the pressure at greater depths. 

Can you wear Whoop 4.0 while you are showering?

You can wear Whoop 4.0 while showering because of its water-resistant property up to the depth of one meter for up to 2 hours. But you should be aware that soap water during the shower and the skin below the whoop become in contact with its sensors. Hence some precautionary measures should be used to prevent the damage occurs.


Are there any precautions to take when using Whoop in water?

There are some precautions you should follow when using a whoop in water. It would assist in the proper functioning of the whoop. After showering, you should remove the whoop and wash the band and sensors with soap and water. Same time, you should wash the contacting skin surface under the sensor. Thus, it would be best if you kept the sensor clean.

What should you do if your whoop gets wet?

You should wipe the wet Whoop gently and dry it with a soft cloth. Then it would help if you allowed it to dry in the air before using it again or charging it. If the whoop gets wet in chlorinated or salt water, rinse it with fresh water, wipe it with care, and dry it with a soft cloth to prevent impact due to chlorine or salt. If Whoop does not work after trying these things, contact WHOOP support.

Does the Whoop warranty cover water damage?

No, it does not cover. Whoop warranty covers the whoop device; if it is free from defects in materials or workmanship, you are an active member without an outstanding balance or any unpaid fees. It does not cover a warranty for damage or failure due to accidents, prohibited commercial use, abuse or neglect.

Hence the technologically advanced Whoop is a water-resistant device and not waterproof. This property of Whoop helps athletes track their performance in field events and in water sports. Even though the drawbacks are due to high cost and unsuitable for ordinary people, the market for the whoop is increasing.

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