Is Starlink good for gaming?

Is Starlink Good For Gaming? [Pros And Cons Included]

Starlink has rapidly grown in popularity, as seen by the large number of individuals that have signed up for it. But is Starlink good for gaming? The query has caused players to be bewildered and uncertain of Starlink. We will present the information in this guide.

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Is Starlink good for gaming? Compared to its rivals, Starlink delivers a significantly reduced ping. You can enjoy multiplayer online gaming with Starlink, which is not feasible with any other providers.


The Internet connection can be the only option if you reside in a place without cables or fiber broadband internet. Starlink internet, which SpaceX deployed more subsequently and is now rolling out globally.

On October 2021, the SpaceX Starlink plan for open beta testing was formally discontinued. When the “Better Than Nothing” Beta version of Elon Musk’s much-anticipated technology company launched, it shook the globe. Because of the launch’s great success, Starlink has become accessible to the whole public.

Starlink intends to offer high-speed internet connectivity that is accessible everywhere on Earth, especially in remote locations with no current broadband connection. Presently, Starlink offers data transfer speeds that reach around 100 Mbps each.

Additionally, this is far superior to other satellite internet service providers. Many individuals are curious regarding gaming over Starlink due to the better bandwidth and decreased latency.

Is Starlink good for gaming?

According to Starlink, its ping is often below 20 ms, and it offers Internet speeds of between 100 Mbps as well as 200 Mbps, which are ideal for gaming.

Gaming-related Variables of Starlink

Since data needs to traverse over such great distances to reach a gaming host at the house, an internet connection is unique in this regard. Many miles just above the planet, in geosynchronous, several satellite internet providers place their satellites.

Let’s examine the key elements that have the most impact on how well satellite internet works for playing online games.


Data transmission delay from your house to the next machine is referred to as latency, often known as ping. It refers to the amount of time data must travel from the computer to the console and back again in the setting of playing. The ideal latency value is one with a low value. Below 100 ms is excellent for gaming.

In terms of latency, Starlink is much in front of the competitors. Starlink’s satellite Internet service latency is 48 ms on average. Because of this, Starlink is essentially just one satellite broadband provider that supports online gaming.

Loss of packets and dependability

Data that is damaged, lost, or incorrect traveling between or to the house is referred to as packet loss. Generally speaking, we may state that increasing delay causes greater packet loss. Starlink has shorter latency than other networks, which reduces the possibility of packet loss.


Accelerations for downloading and uploading are the last critical component for playing online games. To receive and transmit information from the server alone in a timely, the link must be quick enough. Packet loss, as we discussed previously, might result from low speed.

The faster the uploading and downloading speeds, the greater for gaming. Starlink’s average satellite ISP bandwidth is 62 Mbps download as well as 7 Mbps upward. Once more, Starlink is well ahead. Starlink will make the downloading of games and other stuff considerably faster. The faster connection speed would also improve online gaming effectiveness.

Gaming-related Variables of Starlink

The Primary Factors Can Have an Impact on How Well Starlink Works

  • The precise place you are.
  • The number of additional Starlink users nearby.
  • If the sky can be clearly seen from the dish.
  • The period of time.
  • The climate right now.
  • How many additional devices are connected to your connection?

These might have an impact on both your latency and loading time.

Benefits of Starlink Internet while Gaming

Gamers looking for a quick and dependable connection can consider Starlink Broadband.

  • Since Starlink Internet is far quicker than conventional broadband, users won’t experience any latency when loading or using games.
  • You shouldn’t be concerned regarding the games abruptly dropping in the midst of a game because the link is also highly dependable.
  • Many remote places have access to Starlink Internet, allowing gamers who reside there to have a quick and dependable gaming link finally.

In general, Starlink Net is indeed a fantastic choice for online gamers who need a quick and dependable connection.

Drawbacks of Starlink Internet while Gaming

Playing games over Starlink Internet might have a number of drawbacks.

  • The first concern is that the program could not be accessible everywhere, forcing players to rely on alternative, less dependable methods of Internet connection.
  • Furthermore, Starlink Internet is a brand-new provider, so outages with technical problems could occur more frequently than with more seasoned providers.
  • As the last point, the service is very pricey, so players on a tight budget might have to select a different solution.

Does Starlink Provide Methods for Enhancing the Gaming Experience?

There is not much to do, sadly, besides positioning the dish so it can see the sky well and attaching your laptop to the network through ethernet. There is absolutely no method for reducing the delay very much due to the satellite’s high altitude of hundreds of kilometers.

But if the resources allow and it’s offered in your region, we advise getting a second internet provider from a different provider that makes use of a distinct type of internet connection. It’s possible to get DSL internet plans in several remote places, which can serve as an additional ISP to your home.

Starlink offers incredibly faster speeds. But if you want a better ping and less jitter while playing professional games online, you may upgrade to a DSL connection. This could be considered the best option, as most video games can handle even a few Mbps.

This will have a minor ping than Starlink, provided your neighbourhood supports Wi-Fi 5G for one’s house. The greatest of both universes may be had by using multiple ISPs in one place if money is an issue. The best part is that you’ll still enjoy an internet connection even if Starlink goes down!


Would you like to understand “is Starlink good for gaming” before you decide whether to join up for the service? The majority of online multiplayer modes are compatible with Starlink, but it might not be easy to predict how well it will work for you until users give it a try.

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