How To Use Xbox 360 Headset On Xbox One Without An Adaptor

How To Use Xbox 360 Headset On Xbox One Without An Adaptor – Complete Guide

From its introduction in 2005 until 2014, the XBOX 360, the second generation system in the Microsoft XBOX range, sold an astonishing 84 million copies. Its accessories are in high demand worldwide, much like the console. The XBOX headset is one of the most significant. This article will explain how to use XBOX 360 headset on XBOX One without an adaptor.

The XBOX 360 headset evolved into one of the best-selling accessories since so many of the games might be playing against internet opponents. You might be wondering how to use XBOX 360 headset on XBOX One without an adaptor. You may accomplish this with only stuff from your house and no adaptor. It’s pretty easy to use, and setting it up wouldn’t take much of your time or effort. Continue reading to discover all about XBOX headsets.

How To Use XBOX 360 Headset On XBOX One Without An Adaptor?

So, how to use XBOX 360 headset on XBOX one without an adaptor? You can connect the XBOX headphones to your XBOX One in several ways. They may be as easy as using foil papers around the housing or as complex as opening up the cables and doing a mini-surgery to connect without changing how it works. Below, we’ll go through a couple of these strategies so you may use the most well-known XBOX 360 headset with your XBOX One.

As you are aware, the XBOX 360 headset features an adapter that cannot get inserted into the XBOX One because of its pin’s changed connection order. However, you may replace its plug, which is a bit tacky and something we’ll discuss in more detail later in this post. So let’s start with the easy ones first.

  • Use An Aluminum Foil

The simplest method is to utilize foil paper or aluminum foil, an excellent conductor of the electric current that is typically present everywhere. Folding it neatly 3 to 4 times is the first step.

Be careful not to crush it. Otherwise, it would be completely useless. The headset’s pin should then get securely wrapped in it to ensure that the electricity may pass through it without any interruptions.

Keep in mind that the pin should get entirely wrapped, leaving no gaps. Additionally, the foil may occasionally stick inside the plug. Although this is not important, it is pretty simple to take out using forceps or tweezers. Try using it on the XBOX One now, and we’re confident you’ll quickly like this headset component and virtually all of its capabilities.

  • Use A Copper Wire

Using copper wire is an additional option that is now more affordable. Additionally, it’s a straightforward method to use the XBOX 360 headset without an adapter with an XBOX One. Wrap the copper wire around the pin or jack on your headset. Try utilizing the 3.5mm jack on your XBOX by wrapping the copper wire around the 2.5mm headset’s jack.

Make sure you don’t apply too much of it because doing so might cause your jack to malfunction or be destroyed. The ideal strategy is to start at the bottom and work up to the top. This will simplify and facilitate the procedure. Be aware that this hack might not always work. However, it’s usually preferable to try anything before deciding on the next course of action, opening the wire component and most likely operating it.

  • Try Opening The Wire

Your headset is likely to undergo surgery throughout this process. It’s a hazardous technique to employ because there’s no room for error since your headphones might wind up being entirely unusable. If it works, you should be able to use it for a good while. The 2.5mm wire must convert to a 3.5mm size for this operation to run well.

You’ll require the following equipment to go for How To Use XBOX 360 Headset On XBOX One Without An Adaptor

  • XBOX 360 earbuds
  • a good knife, preferably an X-acto.
  • electronic tape
  • Sewing machine
  • wire cutter
  • Replacement 3.5mm connection for your headphones

Now follow the instructions below to use your headset as effectively as possible:

  • Cutting the cable close to the jack is the first step.
  • Next, remove each wire from within. There seem to be three wires inside, and you must gently and meticulously remove each one at a time.
  • Now attach the cable to the 3.5mm connection. Make sure that the extended or grounded side is to the right, the green/brown/white one is to the left, and the red one is to the right.
  • Lastly, place it on rest to cool things down before covering it with electrical tape.

The above stages are somewhat challenging, and even a tiny error might ruin the entire headset. As a result, take care at every turn. Additionally, most individuals often don’t choose this procedure over getting a new adaptor. Try it, then, at your own cost.

Can You Use A Headset As A Mic On XBOX One?

This phase is highly straightforward when using the most recent controller version. The bottom of these controllers has a 3.5mm headset jack. You only need to connect your headphones to the controller to use them. A dual headset adapter is required.

Final Thought

To sum up, you already know how great the XBOX 360’s accessories are, especially the headphones. You can even use the headset with the XBOX One without any problems by using easy hacks.

These hacks are easy to do and only require copper wire or basic foil. The more complex method involves opening a wire and performing minor surgical investments.

These procedures have been thoroughly covered in this post to allow you to utilize your XBOX 360 headset with your XBOX One without incurring any additional costs. What are you still holding out for? To obtain an efficient and effective XBOX One headset, follow the instructions above.

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