How to Tell If iPhone is Charging?

How to Tell If iPhone is Charging? – Comprehensive Guide

Checking the battery symbol while your smartphone is on will allow you to verify that it is charging quickly. The iPhone charging symbol won’t appear if your smartphone is entirely dead, though. Then how to tell if iPhone is charging?

The most pleasing user encounter is what the Apple Universe has always been committed to delivering. They’ve optimized the user control process to comply with fundamental requirements. Like many other Apple fans, you rely on my phone’s extended battery life and rapid charging capabilities daily. When pursuing simplicity, it could be challenging to understand how to do something as straightforward as charging your iPhone.

This guide will show you where to read the iPhone charging indicator, whether it’s dead due to battery depletion or overall.

Quick Summary: You can check if your iPhone is charging by looking at the battery symbol in the top-right corner of the display. If your device charges, the battery icon will be greenish and have a lightning strike. Additionally, suppose your smartphone is dead, and you have a charger plugged in. In that situation, the blank battery icon on your display will show that your smartphone is charging.

Read more to discover if your Apple smartphone is charging or not.

An iPhone may get charged in several ways. Sometimes it could be challenging to discern if your smartphone is charging or not at times. Furthermore, it might be challenging to cope with warnings like “Accessories aren’t accepted or authorized.” We thus considered all the above issues when writing this guide for you. So let’s look at how to tell if iPhone is charging.

How to Tell If iPhone is Charging?

Powered Off

Even though it could appear that your smartphone won’t charge once the battery is entirely gone, this is probably not the scenario. If your device’s battery is completely dead, connecting it in will start the charging process. You could ask, “Why isn’t my Apple phone charging,” but the display won’t turn back on until there is sufficient energy to start right back. How to interpret the charging icon on a drained or powered-off iPhone as shown here:

  • Double-check that the adapter for your iPhone gets hooked to a power supply, like a wall socket. And that your iPhone gets powered on.
  • Verify your dark screen’s central, sizable battery symbol. An iPhone display that is entirely dead might initially be black; allow it a moment to charge before checking to determine whether the charging indicator shows.
  • Your smartphone is charging and will turn on shortly if the symbol merely displays a vacant battery.
  • Your device isn’t charging if the symbol displays a nearly unfilled battery. Additionally, you may get to examine your power source and charging line.

Battery Indicator

The iPhone charging icon is much easier to interpret when your smartphone gets turned on! The actions listed below demonstrate what it looks like when Battery % is disabled.

  • Check that your iPhone gets charged, and its charger connects to an electrical outlet or other power supply.
  • Verify the display’s battery indicator.
  • When charging, the center of an iPhone display is a lightning strike. It isn’t charging if the indicator is white or lacks the lightning strike sign.
  • Suppose you can still not view the iPhone charging display at this stage. Inspect all cord attachments to ensure that all are connected properly and that the adapter wire is working correctly. Be aware that some ports can only be active when lighting switches get turned on. Further advice is to experiment with a different power supply if your device isn’t charging.
  • If the option for Battery % is enabled, the lightning bolts will appear next to the %.
  • The lightning strike will display to the right of the power symbol when you initially insert your charger or set your phone down on a charging pad. It will show within the battery symbol after a brief period of charging.

Battery Indicator

Control Center

Slide left from your smartphone’s main display to get to the console for another way of how to tell if iPhone is charging. The control center could always get used to check if your battery gets charged or your smartphone’s charge indication isn’t functioning.

Check the battery gauge to determine whether your smartphone is currently charging. Green indicates powering if the battery icon is green. When charging your cellphone, be careful not to use a fake charger since this might harm your iPhone in the long run. In addition to heating problems, imitation chargers might result in decreased battery life for your smartphone.

Accessories Not Supported 

Your iPhone could occasionally stop charging due to broken charging ports, cords, or power packs. There are two factors you may do to see if it applies to you.

  • Verify the battery gauge. On the left hand, you would notice a text popup that reads “Not Linked.”
  • Make your iPhone unlocked. Whenever you open your smartphone, a popup that reads “Accessories doesn’t get accepted or authorized” will appear if there is an issue.

Slow Charging

  • Inspect your power cord and a USB connector for any signs of damage, such as bends or breaks.
  • Utilize the main power strip and ensure your USB wall connector and charging cord is firmly connected to the outlet; alternatively, try another outlet.
  • Look inside your device’s charging socket on the bottom. If you see any dirt, remove it and connect your cord in.
  • Allow your smartphone to charge for 30 minutes. After that, force restarts your smartphone if it becomes inaccessible.


Recognizing the battery indicator on your ios device may help determine if your smartphone is charging. It’s among those things, though, that a large number of individuals wouldn’t see unless they previously knew what to seek!

Bottom Line

Eventually, it’s more complicated than it seems to determine if your iPhone is charging. But now, you will quickly be able to determine if your smartphone is charging or not.

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