how to keep notifications on lock screen after unlocking iphone

How to Keep Notifications on Lock Screen After Unlocking iPhone? [Updated]

If you are an iPhone user, you could become frustrated with the notifications disappearing after unlocking the device. The alerts on your device’s lock screen typically vanish to remain inside the Notifications Center once you open the phone. So, how to keep notifications on the lock screen after unlocking the iPhone? Let’s find out.

Will Alerts Vanish Once You Unlocked the iPhone?

It might be challenging to manage alerts with iPhones. The majority of the time, there is no method for making things operate as you desire since they generally don’t. When you open your device, it appears like all of your alerts are gone, or is it?

On apple devices, all recent alerts automatically show up on the lock screen. When you unlock the device, they will remain in the Notification Centre unless you respond to them or delete them, although these alerts will vanish from the lock screen.

Usually, once opening the iPhone, no capability allows users to maintain alerts on the lock screen. Additionally, except in some instances, that is not meant to be an issue.

You may try a solution if your alerts are entirely vanishing. 

However, you may designate some alerts as permanent ones if you wish to retain them on the lock screen for a lengthy period of time. It doesn’t matter how often you open your device if an alert is configured to be persistent; it remains visible.

If your device’s alerts aren’t permanent by default, it isn’t a defect. Without a particular setting, Apple does not permit applications to keep their alerts permanent.

What Causes My Alerts to Vanish from My iPhone’s Lock Screen?

The ability to handle the alerts on the iPhone is complex and inconsistent. Reminders and other messages are displayed on the lock screen while the device is locked. The message vanishes after you access the phone. It begs the issue of how to keep notifications on lock screen after unlocking the iPhone.

Unless you delete or view reports, they will remain visible inside the notification centre. However, after opening their device just once, numerous users still want messages to appear on the lock screen. Let’s see how to do that.

How to Keep Notifications on Lock Screen After Unlocking iPhone?

For people who want to open their iPhones without deleting their alerts. Here is the option for quickly displaying notifications on the lock screen.

  •  Switch the notification type from temporary to permanent.

How to Activate Persistent Notifications on Your Apple Device?

Persistent notifications could be a good idea if you want to retain alerts on the lock screen no matter how frequently you open your device.

This is not always practicable, as further alerts will adhere to the persistent notifications condition. The possibility that it could be extra persistent than you’d prefer should be considered before activating this.

Assuming that persistent notifications would be the ideal answer for your issue, read the instructions further to preserve the alerts you want on the lock screen of your apple device. If you find the permanent alerts far too annoying, we also teach you how to deactivate them, switching to iOS’s usual approach to handle app announcements.

  1. Open the Settings app on your device.
  2. Choose alerts and then the application you want persistent notification.
  3. Activate persistent notifications.

You may switch the type of alerts you obtain from temporary to persistent when you go to the app’s notifications setting.

You must navigate to the area where several iPhones are shown parallel to each other in order to achieve this. Banner Form is located there, and temporary as well as permanent is located right next to it. Click on persistent. At first, you might not detect any improvements, but eventually, you’ll realize them.

Persistent alerts may only be enabled for one application at a time. You’ll need to continue doing that for every single app.

If you correct this setting, you can keep your notification on your lock screen even after unlocking the phone many times. If you think this is far more consistent, you can simply turn off the persistent notification by switching back the notification type from persistent to temporary in the notification setting. 

How to Activate Persistent Notifications on Your Apple Device?

Why Do I Only Receive Alerts When I Launch the App on My iPhone?

You could only be receiving alerts once you launch the app on your iOS device for a few causes. Your notifications configurations may be set up to only deliver alerts while the application is running, for example.

Another alternative is that your notification settings have a flaw preventing them from functioning properly. Ensure the applications about which you wish alerts are enabled by going into Settings and then into Notifications and checking your notification settings.

Why Don’t Alerts Appear on My iPhone?

There could be several reasons for this cause. Sometimes your mobile could be silent, or you might accidentally turn on do not disturb on your iPhone. You can easily resolve this issue using the directions below.

  1. Your smartphone may not be receiving iPhone alerts because you unintentionally turned on silent mode. Change the ringer switch, and when you do so, check the device to see if silent mode is on or off. Turn it back off quiet mode if it indicates that it is activated.
  2. Head to settings and then Focus and go to the tab Do Not Disturb on your device if it is operating iOS 15 to enable this feature. When you deactivate the Do Not Disturb option, the problem with iPhone notifications must be resolved.

Why Does My Apple Indicate Somebody Has Silenced Alerts?

It doesn’t necessarily indicate that a person has banned you if a conversation states that alerts were silenced. On their Ios devices, they may have activated Focus mode, which will block off all alerts on each of their Apple equipment.


You might be found out how to keep notifications on the lock screen after unlocking the iPhone. Your notifications on the iPhone will be switched to the notification centre from the locks screen once you unlock it.

You can turn on persistent notifications if you want the notifications to stay on the lock screen. Or else you can easily drag it from the top of the screen and see your messages on the notification centre.

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