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How to Delete Programs on TI-84? Read This First!!!

You may not want some programs on your TI-84; consider deleting them. But you need to figure out the steps or process. Hence, if you find out how to delete programs on TI-84, you are in the right place. Because in this article, we will explain how to delete programs on TI-84 with the steps. Ensure you read the article till the end to find more details about deleting programs on TI-84.

TI-84 is a graphing calculator many high school students use for Mathematics and science. The graphing calculator allows you to run programs and apps in the calculator for quadratic equation solvers, algebra, trigonometry, calculus, or Gameboy emulators. The TI-84 is an overall expertized calculator in engineering, science, and advanced Mathematics. However, there are numerous benefits offered you might not want some programs and that is when this article can help you.

How to Access the Program Menu on TI-84?

Before you learn how to delete programs on TI-84 you will need access to the program menu on TI-84. Below is how to access the program menu on TI-84 steps. Read the steps correctly and follow them as stated below.

  1. First, you must turn on the TI-84 graphing calculator by inserting all the AAA batteries and pressing the ON or long pressing the [2nd] button.
  2. Locate the [PRGM] key, and now you can access the PRGM EXEC menu.
  3. If not after turning ON the TI-84 you can [2nd] [+] to directly carry you to the program menu.

How to Select a Program to Delete on TI-84?

If you want to delete a specific program from the TI-84 you will first know how to select to delete after learning to access the program menu on TI-84. Following the steps will be useful to select a program to delete on your TI-84 successfully.

  1. Power ON the TI-84 calculator.
  2. Press the [PRGM] key in the device and open the program menu.
  3. From the list of options, select the program you want to delete. Once the program is selected to delete you can proceed to the rest.

How to Delete Programs on TI-84?

After you have used a specific program and no longer need it, you can use the steps below to delete programs on TI-84. Read and follow each step correctly to delete the programs successfully.

  1. Power on the Ti-84 and go to the homescreen.
  2. Locate [2nd] and [+] and press them to open the memory menu.
  3. Scroll down the options to find Mem Management/Delete and press enter or [2] to select.
  4. When a new list of options appears on the screen, press Enter again to select All..; the first option.
  5. Select the programs you want to delete by pressing the [DEL] key.
  6. A confirmation message pops up on the screen. Press the YES bar to confirm the program to delete. Now the specific program is deleted from your TI-84.
  7. Return to the main menu by pressing [2] and then [Mode].

What Happens When you Delete a Program on TI-84?

After deleting the specific programs from your TI-84, you might be worried if it can have any drawbacks or effects on the graphing calculator. But when you delete a program on TI-84, data is erased from your RAM.

Does Resetting TI-84 Delete Programs?

Instead of deleting programs individually in your TI-84, you can consider resetting the graphing calculator. But if you doubt resetting T-84 delete programs, you are not wrong.

Once the T-84 is reset, all the calculations will be removed completely. All the data and memory will be permanently removed, and you will have to start everything from scratch in the TI-84.

How to Recover a Deleted Program on TI-84?

If you deleted a program by mistake on the TI-84 but wondering how to recover the answer will not make you very happy. Because unfortunately, once you delete a program from ton TI-84 all the data related to the program will be lost from the device.

If you consider recovering the deleted program, the process will be impossible. But you can re-install the programs you want back on your TI-84.

Tips for Managing Memory Space on TI-84

One of the most probable reasons you would want to delete programs in TI-84 is storage issues. But if you can clear the memory mess, you will not need to delete specific programs from your calculator. Hence, below are some tips to manage memory space on TI-84.

Tips for Managing Memory Space on TI-84

  • The following method will clear the calculations and reset the TI-84 calculator completely.
  1. Power ON the calculator and press MEM to open Menu
  2. Then press [2nd] and [+]
  3. Scroll down the list by pressing the arrow to select Reset and press Enter.
  4. Instead of scrolling down, press number 7 to select the Reset option and press Enter.
  5. Once the calculator is reset, press the clear button to use the TI-84 from scratch.
  • Another tip for managing the memory space on TI-84 is archiving the programs. The following method will help to store the programs in the archive memory and keep them safe.
  1. On the Home screen, press [2nd],[+], and [2] to open the Memory management/ Delete menu.
  2. Select the button [7] for the program editor screen to open and select Archive from the list.
  3. Scroll up and down and use the arrow keys to select the programs you want to archive.
  4. Press Enter to Archive, and the programs are successfully stored in the archive memory.
  5. To unarchive the programs, go to Archive as instructed and from the list of unarchived programs. Select the programs you need to unarchive and press Enter.


If you do not want specific programs on your TI-84 or have issues in the memory, consider deleting some programs. Hence, this article primarily discusses how to delete programs on TI-84 with steps and answers to your questions. We also contemplated the alternatives instead of deleting programs in your TI-84.

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