How To Delete Flo App Data

How To Delete Flo App Data? – All You Need to know

This page contains detailed instructions on how to delete Flo app data when you no longer consider the Flo Periodic Tracking accounts useful and would like to delete them. Simply attentively following the instructions listed below is all that is required.

Why May Users Suggest Dropping Data From Period Tracking Apps?

A discussion over the amount of security and privacy consumers should expect from health and wellness applications, particularly those made to track menstruation and pregnancy parameters, has been triggered by the historic decision to abolish the legal right to an abortion.

Concerns over personal information are not unjustified, especially as certain areas of the nation begin to outlaw abortion. It is reasonable for those who obtain abortions in areas where they are now illegal to be concerned that their personal information may be used over individuals.

Period monitoring apps carry confidential material, even though they aren’t the main tools to stop individuals who potentially require abortions. These applications enable users to keep tabs on things, including PMS symptoms plus sexual activity, while gathering data on when they are in different phases of menstruation.

The sheer amount of information might provide information about a person’s reproductive rights. Some claim to be able to identify the times of the year when women are more than likely to conceive. Someone’s menstrual cycle may have ended if they temporarily cease for a few seasons and afterward resume it.

What Is Flo App?

A handy fertility and menstruation tracker, Flo is a clever and straightforward tool for tracking your period plus PMS symptoms. In addition to precisely tracking your period and flowing level, the Flo Period Tracker app acts as a delicate normal and unusual period monitor, a dependable app for those attempting to conceive, an optimum calendar, and a genuine fertility companion for you. It also provides an accurate fertilization calculation.

Flo has been closely examined as to what it is prepared to undertake to safeguard the confidentiality of its enormous user base because it is among the most well-liked and often purchased period tracker solutions across Android and iOS mobile apps. The app allows users to seek account termination if they have read Flo’s privacy statement but still wish to delete their identities.

What Are Flo App’s Privacy Policies?

All personal information is gathered whenever you use Flo, so it could be used to enhance your customer experience. They solely utilize anonymized or aggregated data for statistical purposes, meaning your information cannot be linked to it.

You can request access, modifications, corrections, deletions, and updates to your private information by contacting them. Your Private Information is safeguarded from destruction, theft, abuse, and illegal access by taking reasonable and adequate precautions.

You get the opportunity to obtain details on the Private Information company has collected about you, view that data, and obtain a duplicate of it. If you no longer want your private information to be used or think the treatment is illegal, you can ask the company to delete your information.

They could continue to use some of your Private Information as well as other details even after your profile has already been closed or erased if that’s what’s needed to meet legal requirements, settle disputes, and uphold their contracts.

What Are Flo App's Privacy Policies?

How To Delete Flo App Data?

Per Flo’s privacy statement, when an identity is deleted, the firm will typically remove any personal information in the profile. This information won’t be accessible if a new character is subsequently made.

To accomplish that:

  1. Select Menu.
  2. Access Help.
  3. Next, scroll downward.
  4. Click on “Contact us.”
  5. Explain your issue to them.

How To Delete Flo App Data By Sending An Email To Terminate Your Profile?

  1. Log into the email address you created for the website or application.
  2. Next, write an email to [email protected] using the contact information provided.
  3. Select the “Approval to Deactivate My Account” subject heading.
  4. Send an email asking the company to erase the profile from their system and to destroy any material you may have with them.

Users who wish to remain anonymous must first create an account. You may contact them at [email protected] if you experience any problems making a request using the application. Flo claims that your data will be deleted when your profile is canceled.

The Legal Requirement Was To Email Flo App To Delete Your Profile

  • General Data Protection Regulation (For EU Residents)

This allows you to request that a company with your personal data remove it as the “right to erasure” refers to this. Any request may be made orally or in writing. To provide proof, we advise sending a letter through email. A company contains a single calendar month to answer your inquiry.

  • The California Consumer Privacy Act

Because of this, Californians now have the authority to ask businesses to remove any data and private details they may have about them. Legally, the company must remove the client’s data from its files and order any service suppliers to do the same. There are penalties of excess of $7,500 per infraction for businesses that don’t follow the CCPA.

How Can I Remove The App Flo Off My Mobile?

  • Click the Flo application launcher on the main screen and keep it there until all other applications begin to tremble.
  • The upper right corner of an application would display an “X.”
  • Upon that Flo app, tap the “X.”
  • Then, press the red erase button.


  • Go to the “General” tab in the iPhone preferences.
  • Then scroll to the bottom to view all the loaded applications on your phone after selecting “iPhone Storage” and clicking.
  • To remove a Flo application, click it.
  • On the following page, choose “Delete Flo” and afterward click “Delete.”


  • Launch Google Play.
  • To access “My Apps & Games,” select the main menu button.
  • The Flo App may be chosen from applications on the smartphone.
  • Then select “Uninstall.”

Another Method

  • To remove the Flo app, press and hold it on the main screen or your application launcher.
  • An “Uninstall” button will appear; click it.


  • Activate the settings app on the Android device.
  • Then choose “Apps.”
  • Choose the Flo application you wish to remove.
  • To uninstall, click.


Numerous women who formerly used period-tracking applications like Flo religiously are all now debating whether to cancel their profiles and remove their private data from the site because of the political scenario caused by the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling to overturn Roe v. Wade. We trust you figured out how to delete Flo app data.

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