how to connect fake airpods to android

How to Connect Fake AirPods to Android? (Step by Step Guidance)

Numerous companies produce various AirPods under various brand names. All of these are referred to as “fake AirPods.” Several methods to interface these replica AirPods to your smartphone make them distinct from the real thing. So, how to connect fake AirPods to Android? Let us find out.

The first Bluetooth earphones were called AirPods, and Apple™ created them. AirPods were initially introduced by Apple on September 7, 2016, together with the iPhone 7. It gained a lot of popularity among individuals in just two years. So, your Apple iPhone and iPad were the only devices for which the AirPods were originally created. Since not everybody possesses an Apple, not all can utilize AirPods. In order for everyone to use AirPods alongside their smartphones, other firms emerged and created their own versions of the operating system.

What are Fake AirPods?

Apple™ developed the concept for the first fully wireless headsets a few years back. Despite the AirPods’ enormous popularity, there remained a drawback: not all can use these since not everybody has an Apple. As a result, other firms developed their own Earphones compatible with Android smartphones.

Numerous companies produce what are known as “clone AirPods,” thus there are several options for attaching to your smartphone. These are distinct from the originals in that they lack the W1 circuit, which enables the AirPods to readily detect an Apple product and pair it.

Numerous people would know Apple’s white AirPods with its unique drop-down stem, which several users carry to the office. When the AirPods form originally debuted, it seemed a little unusual. Still, today it’s so appreciated and well-liked that hundreds of manufacturers are copying the eye-catching stem and general aesthetic of Apple’s distinctive earbud shape.

The ability to quickly attach AirPods to an Apple, giving high-quality audio and base and spatial audio, makes them superior to counterfeit AirPods, which can be more challenging to pair with smartphones.

Do Fake AirPods Work?

Certain copycat AirPods, like “AirPods Pro”, may be exceptionally good. Even some fake AirPods have become so fantastic that you won’t be capable of distinguishing them apart from the original product. Unfortunately, there are no assurances that you will receive your cash’s value when purchasing knockoffs because they vary greatly in value and quality.

Suppose you’re looking for an inexpensive set of wireless headphones. In that case, you may get ones on eBay for as low as $20 that function well but lack the cutting-edge capabilities that come with AirPods, including Wireless charging, spatial audio, all-day battery, superior audio quality, and Waterproof capability.

You’ll know what you spend with less expensive AirPods that resemble the Apple in style but won’t be as nice as the real thing. Non-Apple AirPods work well and are reasonably priced if you only need basic Bluetooth earphones and don’t care about other features.

How to Connect Fake AirPods to Android?

Most replica AirPods typically link with a smartphone using Bluetooth to establish a connection. By doing the subsequent actions, you may accomplish them.

  1. Initially, check to see if your earphones are powered up; or perhaps even do so.
  2. Lift the cover and place the earphone within the charging case or AirPods container to observe the illumination from within.
  3. Find the switch on the case’s rear and click and keep it for a short period of time.
  4. It will emit a white glow. It indicates that the headphones have been switched on for synchronization.
  5. Launch your device’s settings application and go to Wireless connections and then to Bluetooth connections and switch it on.
  6. There has to be the headphones’ branding below. Watch until the identity of the headsets appears because it may require a few moments to emerge.
  7. You may see “pair” or “link” when you tap on the product’s identification. To link to your smartphone, select “Sync” or “Join.” The color will alternate between red and blue, drawing your attention.
  8. The indicator will cease flashing after a while. It indicates that the AirPods are linked.
  9. Unlock the charging case and activate Bluetooth before using your Earbuds in the next session. Now they ought to link instantly.
  10. You may find the id beneath Linked items if they are registered.
  1. That’s the way you’ll be able to pair your malicious AirPods with your smartphone. Prior to actually completing the connection, place the earphones in your head so that you can check how they interact.

The imitation AirPods will function like conventional earphones. However, depending on which manufacturer you choose, their functionality may vary. For instance, some of them allow you to modify the music by simply touching on them or perhaps adjusting the volume.

Whenever purchasing a new set, we advise you to check that it contains the functions you want to employ.

How Do I Turn on Fake AirPods on Android?

Many individuals pair their Android or apple smartphone with replica AirPods. Honestly, they also function fairly well with Ios and Android devices. You could compromise certain capabilities when you combine the fake Earbuds with Android. However, you still have access to all the essential features like phoning, listening to music, and using Voice Recognition.

So, how do you turn on the imitation AirPods with an android? as we mentioned earlier, you just have to ensure the AirPods are charged up first. Not every sort of replica does the same to turn on; while some just turn on when you open the lid of the case, some may have to press and hold the button at the bottom. At the same time, you must search for nearby Bluetooth devices in your android device. Click the AirPods and pair when you find it, and from there, you can just turn on the Bluetooth, and the replica AirPods may connect automatically when you open up the case.


It’s possible to obtain some qualities from imitation AirPods and AirPods Pro. Perhaps some fake AirPods are so fantastic that users won’t be capable of distinguishing them apart from the genuine product. Unfortunately, there are no assurances that you will receive your investment back when purchasing fakes because they vary in cost and craftsmanship. You may be able to connect your replica AirPods with your android phone with the help of this article.

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