how to check doordash gift card balance

How to Check DoorDash Gift Card Balance? Read This First!!!

Doordash is similar to uber eats, and it’s a food delivery service company that allows its customers to order food from local restaurants, fast food franchises, fine dining restaurants, etc., by using their website or App. Then the food ordered will be delivered to the doorstep. Customers can browse many food menu options and place orders for any food they desire. Doordash is a delivery service operating in over 40 000 cities across Canada, Australia, and the US. Let’s see how to check the DoorDash gift card balance.

What is a Door Dash Gift Card?

The door dash gift card refers to the prepaid cards available in the door dash, and these cards are used to pay for the delivery service provided by door dash. There are various gift cards available to obtain.

You can purchase them online or at the retail store. When a gift card is purchased, the card will be added to your DoorDash account. You can use this DoorDash gift card as a gift voucher to your loved ones, friends, and family on special occasions to celebrate with delicious food. This allows them to have the food delivered to their doorstep.

How Does a DoorDash Gift Card Work?

It works similarly to a prepaid card. This prepaid card is used to pay for food delivery made by DoorDash. This is how it works;

  1. First, purchase a DoorDash gift card from their website, App, or a participating DoorDash retail store. 
  2. Add the purchased DoorDash gift card to your DoorDash account. To do this, go to the payment section of your DoorDash account from the website or App. Now select the ‘Add gift card’ option. Once you have clicked on the option, enter the gift card number and PIN found on the back of the card.
  3. Now to use the gift card, browse through the menu provided and the restaurants available and select the food order, place the order, and proceed with the checkout. The gift card balance will be applied automatically.
  4. Now you can track the order delivery in real-time using the App or website. And all relevant information related to the order will be provided for your access.

How to Check Door Dash Gift Card Balance?

One can visit the DoorDash app or website to check for their DoorDash gift card balance.

First, open the DoorDash app or website you use, sign into the DoorDash account, and click on the name or account option in the top left corner. From the dropdown menu visible, select the option ‘payment method’ if using android and click on ‘payment’ if it’s an IOS.

Now the total balance of your DoorDash account will be visible. Any existing balance in your account will be combined with the gift card balance to obtain the total available balance.

If you do not have a DoorDash account, you can visit the DoorDash gift card page and enter the gift card number and PIN to check your balance.

Can a Door Dash Gift Card Expire?

No, DoorDash gift cards do not expire. These gift cards can never expire, so DoorDash customers or employees can redeem their gift cards anywhere, anytime, and on any occasion. These prepaid gift cards can be ordered in bulk and directly delivered to the inboxes. According to the federal credit card act of 2009, store-provided gift cards do not expire for at least five years. Some issuers may charge a fee as inactivity fee if the card is not used within a year.

Can I Check DoorDash Gift Card Balance Online?

Yes, the DoorDash gift card balance can be checked online. 

To do that, go to the website, which is Or you can log in to your account using the mobile DoorDash app. Now click on the ‘account’ option on the web page or the DoorDash app. And, now select the ‘payment method option on android or the ‘payment’ option on IOS. Now you can check the credit balance of your DoorDash account. The credit balance will automatically combine your existing DoorDash account balance and the gift card balance currently applied.

Can the Door Dash Gift Card be Transferred?

Once the DoorDash gift card has been activated, you cannot transfer it to another because these gift cards are provided for personal use. So you cannot refund or transfer these prepaid cards. You can only when requested by law. If you want to transfer or gift someone with a DoorDash gift card, you will have to buy a new one in the person’s name and gift it to them. Or what you can do is use your gift card to purchase food and deliver it to the person you want to gift it to.

How Do I Redeem My Door Dash Gift Card?

Your gift card balance will be used up automatically when an order is placed with Door Dash. And if that balance is not sufficient to place the order, you will have to pay for the rest using another payment option. Use the following steps to redeem the gift card from the App or website.

  1. Open the DoorDash app or website on your device.
  2. Login to your DoorDash account or create one if you have none.
  3. Click on the three horizontal lines or your account option in the top left corner of the App.
  4. Next, select the ‘gift cards’ option from the menu.
  5. Enter the card number and PIN provided at the back and click on the option ‘redeem the gift card.’ Now the amount will appear, and DoorDash will automatically apply it to your next order.
  6. Until then, the balance of the DoorDash gift card will be added to your DoorDash account.

If you want to redeem using the website at checkout;

  1. Select the option ‘checkout.’
  2. Select Add promo code under the payment section.
  3. There will be an option called ‘redeem now’ to the right of the option ‘have a gift card.’
  4. Now enter the 11-digit PIN and click ‘redeem the gift card.’

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