how to change snooze time on iphone

How to Change Snooze Time on iPhone? [SOLVED]

Using the snooze button could help people awaken more softly. However, it won’t make much difference should you go straight back to sleep. These choices could be too lengthy or brief for the standard nine-minute nap on the iPhone, though. How to change snooze time on iPhone?

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How to change snooze time on iPhone? You will only receive nine more moments when they snooze the iPhone clock; nothing more nor less will be granted. The sole option inside the iPhone Clock application is a nine-minute sleep cycle; this is not a default setting.


Among the most fundamental actions somebody can perform on an iPhone is waking up early, but this action also has a unique feature. The iPhone clock that has been snoozed stops ringing at precisely nine minutes before something resumes. Although at first glance that might appear like such a strange number, Apple deliberately chose that particular number.

An iPhone’s Clock software is not only tremendously helpful, even though it is among the easiest applications available. Along with starting a stopwatch, countdown, and alarms to get you up every morning, it could also display the time in various regions across the globe.

A person can snooze an iPhone clock for 9 minutes, irrespective of whether they set a specific sleep clock or even a standard one. How to change snooze time on iPhone? Although Apple forbids users from altering the iPhone’s usual sleep time, there are two main ways to use it despite Apple’s prohibition.

The standard Clock application on the iPhone does not allow you to set the snooze time straight, but we’ll give you several alternatives!

Why Does the Snooze Duration Set to Nine Minutes?

The justification for Apple’s nine-minute nap period has not been made public. However, unauthorized sites, including Apple Explained, contend that physical smoke alarms are the cause of this snooze period.

The standard snooze period over most alarm systems is nine minutes. This custom originated as a result of mechanical timers’ actual gear restrictions. A nine-minute sleep was created because clockwork clocks cannot sleep for precisely ten minutes, despite the fact that ten minutes would’ve been the ideal length of time, as well as a pleasant round figure.

The custom is still alive today thanks to the Clock app for iPhone.

Do you want to modify the iPhone’s default 9-minute nap? There are some accessible alternatives you may attempt, as there is no option to alter the preset snooze. Thankfully, it’s straightforward to put these remedies into practice.

How to Change Snooze Time on iPhone?

An iPhone’s Time application does not allow you to modify the snooze time.

What Alternatives Do you Have for Changing the Sleep Time on an iPhone?

Setting up several alarms for the iPhone will be the first option. The time between your secondary alarms is the snooze period. For instance, if your primary clock is set for 9 AM or you want a five-minute snoozing alert, set up other alarms for 9:05 AM, 9:10 AM, etc.

An alternative method to set a personalized snooze duration on the iPhone if you don’t want to use several alerts would be to have an external alarm application. Applications with customizable sleep times were accessible again for iPhones across both free and premium versions.

How Can I Use Several Alerts on My iPhone to Modify the Snooze Moment?

Setting several alarms during any desired snooze period while disabling the sleep feature will prevent alerts plus snoozes from occurring at the same duration, which is a solution for the iPhone’s Clock application’s lack of an ability to change the nine-minute sleep period.

Instead of adjusting the iPhone’s snooze period, follow these instructions to set numerous alarms.

  • Activate the Clock app.
  • If it hasn’t already been done, click on the Alarm button.
  • Establish a new alert by tapping the Add symbol in the top-right corner.
  • The left, as well as the middle sliders, should be used to specify your chosen wake-up schedule.
  • AM or PM can be chosen using the dial here on the right.
  • To turn off the snooze, click the switch.
  • The switch is inactive while it is gray.
  • Inside the top-right corner, select Save.
  • Since many reminders, you need the specified snooze intervals can be set by repeating the procedures above.

You need only silence the initial clock whenever it comes off and wait again for the second one to go off.

What Do the Alarm Clocks from Third Parties Do?

Apple’s alarm is completely by-passable thanks to the configurable snoozing alarms offered by third-party iPhone clock applications. Here is another peek at several well-known third-party audible alarm applications and how to modify the snooze duration.

Progressive Alarm Clock

The wonderful Tibetan chanting bowl tones of the Progressive Alarm Clock slowly build in loudness to lull you to sleep. Here’s what to do to modify Progressive Alarm’s snooze settings.

  • Access your Progressive Alarm Clock application that you downloaded from Playstore, then choose Options.
  • Select Snooze Duration.
  • Select the Snooze Time that works best for you—up to thirty min.

Alarmy – Morning Clock Alarm

Alarmy includes a number of options to assist in getting people out of bed. Additionally, setting up the snooze time is simple, even if you have to switch off the alarms by doing arithmetic problems or taking a picture of the apartment.

  • Please choose your favorite alarm by tapping it on the Alarmy application after downloading it from the App.
  • Click Snooze.
  • Select the sleep interval of your choice, and hit Done.

Sleep Tracker: Sleep Cycle

Using proprietary sound technologies, the well-known smart alarm clock Sleep Cycle keeps track of your slumber. You may change the sleep time to dedicate to the device’s numerous advanced functions.

  • Launch Sleep Cycle after downloading that from the App, then tap Profile under User Information.
  • Go to Settings and choose More.
  • Snooze may be found under alarm.
  • A 20-minute period can be selected after tapping Regular.

Make Waking Up Simpler

You aren’t doing yourself any favors if you frequently cling to the iPhone inside the early and grip the keys as soon as the alarm is set off in order to snooze it immediately. To improve the effectiveness of the iPhone’s alerts as well as snoozes, put it farther out at arm’s length. This forces you to get up in order to silence or snooze your clock.

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