fitbit charge 5 vs whoop 4.0

Fitbit Charge 5 vs Whoop 4.0 – Which Fitness Tracker Reigns Supreme?

Fitness tracking has become a genius trend because it helps people to monitor their wellness. There are numerous wearable fitness tracking devices at present, so you have to compare them in order to choose the best one. Today, we are going to compare and contrast the two most popular fitness trackers, Fitbit Charge 5 and Whoop 4.0. although they differ from each other in the way they work, both devices can measure and monitor your fitness level. We have listed their pros and cons in the below paragraphs in a comparative way so you can choose the best one according to your priorities.

What is Fitbit Charge 5?

Fitbit designs fitness trackers, and Fitbit Charge 5 is one of their models. It is considered the best model of Fitbit due to its advanced features.

Mainly, there is onboard GPS tracking to enable when you run. And the EDA (electrodermal activity) sensor helps to measure the stress responses of the human body. In addition, you are able to track and monitor your sleep level.

Heart rate monitoring is also available in Fitbit Charge 5. It has been designed with a simple interface so you can easily navigate the device. And it is available in 3 different shades. But there are no music control features on this device.

What is Whoop 4.0?

Whoop 4.0 is another wrist wearable fitness tracker. It also can measure the fitness, sleep as well as the stress level of the human body.

Going into detail, you can check your heart rate, blood oxygen level and also the temperature of your skin using Whoop 4.0. it will show the fitness level of your body using a score method which can be easily understood.

Indeed, you can decide whether your body is fit to do activities according to the score of recent exercises. According to the customer reviews, it is comfortable to wear all day. However, the main drawback of Whoop 4.0 is the pricy monthly subscription.

Which Fitness Tracking Metrics are Offered by Fitbit Charge 5 and Whoop 4.0?

Both fitness trackers have similar goals in fitness tracking. Fitbit Charge 5 can measure your steps, sleep as well as your heart rate all day. It comes with a GPS, too, which helps to track outdoor activities.

Indoor activities are measured by their motion sensors. Moreover, Fitbit Charge 5 measures your skin temperature and blood oxygen level.

Whoop 4.0 can also measure your sleep, stress level, respiratory rate, skin temperature and blood oxygen.

When it comes to heart measurements, it can determine your resting heart rate and the variability of your heart rate. Whoop cannot measure your steps.

How does Fitbit Charge 5 Compare to Whoop 4.0 in Terms of Design and Comfort?

Both of these fitness trackers are comfortable to wear throughout the day. And also, when you work out, including water sports, you can wear these fitness trackers too. These products are sweat and waterproof. And also, both of them are fashionable since they are designed as wristbands.

Fitbit Charge 5 is slim and comes with a coloured touchscreen display. You can instantly check the current status. It is an always-on display without any physical buttons. It is designed in three different colours. 

On the contrary, Whoop 4.0 is manufactured using a knitted band, and it can sit in its metal buckle. It is possible to change the knitted band into various looks because you are able to move the band’s sensor to various parts.

It does not have a coloured screen. One of the major advantages of Whoop is that it can be worn on other parts of your body as well.

Which Device Provides Better Sleep Tracking: Fitbit Charge 5 or Whoop 4.0?

One of the main functions of these two devices is sleep tracking.

Fitbit Charge 5 can automatically detect when you sleep. It can provide you with details regarding your sleep patterns, such as restless sleep, time awake, etc. You can go through these details on your Fitbit app.

On the other hand, Whoop 4.0 also track sleep stages, disturbances and respiratory rate in the sleep. It informs you how much sleep you should get. All the information is stored on the Whoop app.

Therefore, both fitness trackers are okay to track and monitor your sleep.

Which Device Offers More Comprehensive Heart Rate Monitoring: Fitbit Charge 5 or Whoop 4.0?

Fitbit Charge 5’ s heart rate measurement is FDA-cleared due to its ECG sensor. Therefore, it is possible to identify the symptoms of serious heart conditions. Its EDA sensor can also measure your mental health, including stress which affects your heart conditions.

And Whoop 4.0 can measure your live heart rate, respiratory rate and resting heart rate. The technology used in Whoop to measure the heart rate is called Photoplethysmography (PPG). It can shine a light across your skin.

Accordingly, both devices are equally good at providing comprehensive heart rate monitoring.

What are the Available Workout Modes and Fitness Features on Fitbit Charge 5 and Whoop 4.0?

Both of these products can be worn when you work out in a gym. Fitbit Charge 5 can measure 20 exercises, including running, cycling, treadmill, swimming, weight lifting and so on.

Whoop cannot measure your steps, unlike Fitbit. And it does not help much with non-cardio exercise. However, when we consider water sports, Whoop is better because you can dive 50 meters deep with Whoop. It can be charged when you are in water too.

If you often do a cardio workout, Fitbit Charge 5 is for you.

Price Comparison Between Fitbit Charge 5 vs Whoop 4.0

The price is another major factor to consider before buying. In short, Whoop 4.0 is pricier than Fitbit Charge 5. Whoop 4.0 comes with a subscription fee. If you purchase 12-month Whoop membership, you have to pay $239. Its 24-month membership costs $399. After you purchase the membership, you are able to access the Whoop application and track your fitness.

In contrast, Fitbit Charge 5 is less expensive. You only have to pay once for the device and access to the Fitbit app. The current cost of Fitbit Charge 5 is $119.95. However, there is a Fitbit Premium subscription that has some advanced features. If you wish to apply it, you have to pay its subscription fee monthly or yearly. The monthly payment is $9.99, while the yearly payment is $79.99.  

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