Does whoop come charged

Does Whoop Come Charged? Battery Life Unveiled!

Does Whoop coms to you charged? It comes to you without charged, but as a new user of Whoop there are lots of things that you need to know and we will explain all in this article.

Whoop is a small wearable tracking device. Both versions, Whoop 3.0 and 4.0, include a battery pack and charging cables. Whoop 4.0 is the brand’s latest modified tracker. It uses more advanced technological charging cables than the previous generation. The battery in Whoop 4.0 is made with a silicon anode that delivers 17% higher energy density than the previous generation.

It is a frequent question whether Whoop comes charged; it comes without charging as we mentioned. This article will speak on whether the Whoop comes charged, the need to charge before using the Whoop, the procedure of charging, how long the Whoop charge lasts, its key features, battery life and its warranty.

Does Whoop Come Charged?

No, the Whoop of version 3.0 or 4.0 does not come charged when you receive it.  You will receive a package containing a battery pack, charging cable and whoop when signing up for Whoop. After you receive it, you should charge it before using it.

Do you Need to Charge Whoop Before Using It for the First Time?

You need to charge Whoop before using for the first time as it arrives without charging. You need to charge the battery pack of Whoop 3.0 from a power source using a micro-USB cable and Whoop 4.0 from a USB-C cable before using it for the first time.

How Long Do you Need to Charge Before Using It for the First Time?

You need to charge Whoop 3.0 for 90-120 minutes and Whoop 4.0 for 120-180 minutes at room temperature before using it for the first time. Charging time depends on the environmental temperature. The charging time and efficiency of the battery pack may get affected when the environmental temperature exceeds the room temperature. At 45 degrees Celsius, the whoop does not get charged at all.

How to charge whoop for the first time

How to Charge Whoop for the First Time?

In Whoop 3.0, micro-USB cables are used to charge the battery pack. In Whoop 4.0, USB-A to USB-C cables is used. The battery pack is important to charge the whoop. Alternative methods to the battery pack are not available to charge whoop.

First, plug the battery pack into a power source using a USB-C cable in Whoop 4.0 and a micro-USB cable in Whoop 3.0. A red LED on the side of the whoop indicates the charging process. The complete charging of the battery pack can be observed with green LED lights. Then you can remove it from the power source. Thu, you should ensure the complete charging of the battery pack.

Then you should ensure the sliding of the fully charged battery pack onto the tracker until it clicks. Observe the LED flash, indicating it is starting to charge. You can check the charge level of the Whoop 4.0 based on the different LED colors, similar to the traffic light, by double tapping on the top of the Whoop.

In Whoop 4.0, green, yellow and red LED colors stand for 50-100%, 20-49% and less than 20% charge levels, respectively. In Whoop 3.0, LED patterns with several solid white LEDs with or without blinking indicate the battery level.

Three solid white LEDs stand for 100%, two solid white LEDs for 60-90%, one solid white for 10-59% and blinking red for 5-10 %. You can check the charge level via the app for whoop on the phone screen connected. 

How Long does Whoop Work in One Charge?

Whoop 3.0 works for 44 hours on one charge. Whoop 4.0 works 4-5 days in one charge. Most users have reviewed that the battery life in Whoop 4.0 is good, and they experienced that charging twice in 14 days is sufficient for the proper functioning of Whoop. It is due to the feature of Whoop 4.0 to detect motion and turn it off automatically to conserve battery life.

Can you Use Whoop While It is Charging?

You can use Whoop 4.0 while it is charging. It is because the battery pack acts as the charger and can slide onto the tracker itself. You cannot use Whoop 3.0 while charging.

Does Whoop Provide a Warranty for Its Battery?

Whoop provides a battery warranty unless damaged through misuse, malfunction and improper and abnormal usage.

What is the Recommended Charging Routine for Whoop?

The charging routine for Whoop 3.0 is recommended for every other day as its charge can withstand only 44 hours. For Whoop 4.0, it is recommended every four days, even though it can be used for 4-5 days. It is recommended to charge at room temperature for effective charging.

Hence, the article clarifies that the whoop does not come charged, and you have to charge it from a power source after it arrives using appropriate USB cables. The time duration for charging completely and the working time with single charging is modernized with advanced technology, which facilitates the users.

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