does discord have read receipts

Does Discord have Read Receipts? [Some Easy Tips]

Discord includes a ton of unique attributes that make interacting with friends and strangers much easier. Does Discord have read receipts?

Quick Response

Does Discord have read receipts? Discord does not display read receipts more than several well-known communicators and networking websites do.


The Discord networks are utilized, as you’ll be aware, for user-to-user game chat. What happens, though, if you wish to interact with a stranger? How are you going to reach them? You may DM them to solve this problem quickly.

Direct Messages, or DMs, are something you may give to anybody on Discord, friends or otherwise. You may definitely handle a personal conversation concerning them as soon, even as two of them share the same network.

We are constantly interested to learn if the individual we are messaging on Discord has received our messages. Most individuals begin overanalyzing what may have upset some other individual in their messages when they have received them but have not responded.

Most texting applications include the famous read receipts function. Users may determine if someone has seen their messages or not after using this specific function. Regarding privacy reasons, many applications also provide consumers the option to turn down read receipts.

People frequently enquire about the capability of turning off this function because Discord is yet another program that supports chatting. Does Discord have read receipts?

Does Discord have Read Receipts?

People who are concerned about just the Discord app turning on read receipts may be astonished to learn that the function is not supported by the program. Most specifically, Discord lacks functionality like reading receipts.

This implies that regardless of the content you transmit or get, there won’t become a visible queue indicating when the recipient has received the text. Although some believe this will be for good, most don’t agree.

Why Wouldn’t Read Receipts Exist in Discord?

Although this issue has no conclusive answer, it is likely that privacy issues have been the main factor keeping reading receipts out of this program. Being informed whenever their communications are viewed by other individuals is often disliked by people.

It needs to be clarified why Discord lacks read receipts, whereas virtually everything else the platform provides. Numerous users speculate that it has to do with reducing the need for social anxiety whenever you see a read sign next to your text but don’t receive a response. Or the sensation of unintentionally responding to a text you were still not intending to.

Portals for communication are, admittedly, nothing more than that. A system that follows a predetermined process from beginning to end without considering circumstances into account: there is no way to determine if the content was read by the user. Instead, what’s currently occurring in their life?

Everyone needs to think about this situation whenever they experience anxiety problems. It’s untrue to assume that when a text states it’s been seen, it’s also been reviewed. Allow any of them to speak out before respecting their stated boundaries if they don’t.

Some people think it’s because the Discord programmers were not troubled by the questions. After all, they needed to be made more regularly. Since each new feature demands significant financial outlays, it is a sunk cost if people don’t find it helpful.

Respect for Privacy

It might be disappointing to learn that a function you’ve spent seeking for doesn’t exist. But we also provide some positive news.

An individual from Discord sent a message on Twitter in early February 2020, almost a year prior.

@discordapp Would you like to make an icon that shows whether you read your message? That would be a useful feature.”

The Twitter handle for the Discord software reacted to this by writing.

“Read receipts are a pretty popular suggestion! Make sure to upvote this idea on our feedback page so it stays on our dev team’s radar!”

The suggestion is being considered, according to the authorized Discord Twitter feed. The implementation of it might only be a waiting game. Even though Discord saw the message and responded to it, it has yet to take any action.

People are still hoping that this functionality will be included in the upcoming version. Let’s concentrate on the security and reduced worry benefits of doing without the read receipt option for the time being.

What Additional Discord Tools are there to See If One’s Text was Read?

Numerous other capabilities provided by Discord allow players to keep track of their rivals’ whereabouts.

– You may check somebody’s status on Discord to see if they are available and functioning.

– For those who are active, a green dot gets displayed beside their avatar.

– The user is connected but isn’t currently doing anything when the yellow moon symbol (“Idle”) appears.

– When people click the red forbidden entry indication (also known as “Do Not Disturb”), it means they don’t want to be disturbed right now and don’t want to get text alerts.

– If someone’s profile when you’ve texted them remains “Idle” or “Do Not Disturb,” one may also discover that person and assume that they haven’t viewed your text.

How Can I Check the Time If a Discord Text has been Sent?

Access the personal messages (DMs) you have with other users on Discord to check whenever a communication has been sent. Afterward, move your mouse more than a letter to reveal the date the text should have been sent to the left of the text. This method may be used in Discord groups in addition to direct messages.

Will the Receiver still be able to See a Deleted Discord Message?

A Discord communication may only be viewed by the sender or the receiver after it has been erased and is no longer available in the message archive. The receiver could have received the message, though, and never responded, as it is impossible to tell if someone gets a message or otherwise.

In most circumstances, if someone sends a notification and afterward instantly deletes it, the receiving user won’t even be aware that the communication was ever sent. Deleted texts are not retained by Discord.

However, there is a significant probability that the recipient did read the text but chose not to respond if you posted it, waited a little while, and then erased it. Just take care.

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